Diagnostic and Therapy of Medullary Thyroid Cancer

This webinar will provide the evidence for PET imaging in medullary thyroid cancer according to the literature and the to international recommendations with a focus on the available radiopharmaceuticals and perspectives. Learning Objectives: The aim of this webinar is to understand and to learn the correct use of PET radiopharmaceuticals for staging and restaging medullary […]

Cardiac Hybrid Imaging

This webinar will provide knowledge about hybrid imaging SPECT/ CT and PET/CT: CT acquisition protocol, added value of CACS and incidental findings on CTAC. Learning Objectives: The aim of the webinar is to: Faculty Registration Event Overview

Full Quantification for Brain Imaging

The webinar will refresh the basics of full quantification and kinetics in nuclear neurology. Then some insights into new technologies and quantification will be given to the attendees. Learning Objectives: To improve the knowledge on the topic of full quantification in neurology and give the NM specialist the tools to think critically about the results. […]


Basic GMP and the Challenges of Annex 1: Manufacture of Sterile Products

This webinar will give an introduction into the GMP rules, basics and application to radiopharmaceutical productions. Learning Objectives: The aim of the webinar is to deliver the basic of GMP applied to radiopharmaceutical production. Faculty Registration Event Overview


Exploiting Radiobiological Effects of Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

Radiobiology is a branch of biology devoted to the study of biological effects of ionizing radiation on living organisms: we can speak about radiobiology in different clinical and research settings of Nuclear Medicine: dosimetry, preclinical and translational science, oncology, theranostics. With this webinar we will try to better understand the importance of this topic regarding […]