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Challenges of Zr89 Imaging

November 22 13:30 14:30 CET

While PET imaging with radionuclides such as F18 and Ga68 have proven to provide high quality diagnostic imaging, imaging with other radionuclides can be more challenging. Zr-89 is one such radionuclide. Although Zr-89 has advantageous labelling properties for cell imaging and the imaging of monoclonal antibodies, the radionuclide is non-ideal imaging qualities mostly due to its low dosage, and also brings with it radiation safety challenges. This webinar will present both sides of Zr-89 imaging, the clinically relevant opportunities for the radionuclide, and the quantification challenges, handling and the safety aspects of Zr-89.

Learning Objectives: The aim of this webinar is to show the potential and the challenges of Zr-89 imaging.

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