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Exploiting Radiobiological Effects of Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

April 19 13:30 14:30 CEST

Radiobiology is a branch of biology devoted to the study of biological effects of ionizing radiation on living organisms: we can speak about radiobiology in different clinical and research settings of Nuclear Medicine: dosimetry, preclinical and translational science, oncology, theranostics. With this webinar we will try to better understand the importance of this topic regarding targeted radionuclide therapy, in particular we will start from the questions from a clinician’s side with a great experience in PRRT and we will move towards the possible answers from experts in dosimetry and radiobiology.

Radiobiology is fundamental to better understand some mechanisms of response to therapies and also in order to reach the most important target: we always need more efficient and safer radiopharmaceuticals for personalized cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Learning Objectives: The aim of this course is to understand the importance of radiobiology in radionuclide therapy.

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Chiara Maria Grana


Milan, Italy

Lisa Bodei


New York, USA

Caroline Stokke


Oslo, Norway

Jean-Pierre Pouget


Montpellier, France


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